Discussion Paper 2

Discussion Paper Two Describe transaction costs in the simplest terms possible in a single spaced, two page discussion paper. Add any of your own commentary that you would like.


There are four memos for you to read and response to in this weeks discussion board. The point of this exercise is to critique each of them by answering the questions below. 4 READINGS 4 QUICK RESPONSES Q & A – LEAVE IN Q & A FORMAT – NO ESSAY REQUIRED.


Prompting Questions When we consume news and a reporter cites the findings of a study, how can we begin to assess whether the study and its findings are valid? How can we determine which organizations produce credible research? Initial Post Directions Access a major news outlet (e.g., Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal,… Continue reading 18579116911@163.com

Researching a Policy Topic

MY RESEARCH TOPIC IS HOMELESSNESS IN SACRAMENTO, CA. MY POLICY CHANGE IS ATTACHED FO YO TO WRITE ABOUT You should write a 350- to 700-word paper that discusses your completed research, defines a problem related to your selected topic, and discusses the benefits of your proposed policy change. Specifically, your paper should do the following:… Continue reading Researching a Policy Topic

Critical Thinking- Ask Questions

Please find the chapter attached. Read the chapter carefully and pick out the most important points to cover. Pick the 3-4 items that stood out the most. I’m going to be reading it over a PPT presentation.

Inflation Reduction Act Analysis

The objective of this paper is to understand the role of policy and politics in tax policy process. As such, please find a tax policy issue currently or recently debated in either the federal, state or local level (e.g. Prop. 15) and analyze it from a budgetary policy perspective.

Case Study for Tucson Santa Rita Park

Selina Barajas, a native Tucsonan alum from both Sunnyside and Tucson Unified School Districts and the University of Arizona. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning from UCLA and has experience advocating for social, cultural and economic development initiatives for the community. While in Los Angeles, Selina worked for both the nonprofit and government… Continue reading Case Study for Tucson Santa Rita Park

The Requirement of Fairness and Discretion

Hello writer. This assignment will require me to present a ten minute summary of the above topic. My presentation will need to summarize the material; pose interesting questions and emphasize any material that was confusing and unclear in the chapters. Please ensure to use APA style citation, proper grammar and spelling. The paper should include… Continue reading The Requirement of Fairness and Discretion

Defining the Problem

How would you go about defining a problem in the public policy development process? Consider the following scenario and provide an example of a defined problem. You work in your local city government and just received a complaint that multiple local government buildings are not accessible for individuals who use wheelchairs. After some research, your… Continue reading Defining the Problem


Hello Writer. Please see the attached. Grammar, punctuation and spelling are of the utmost important. APA style as it pertains to work cited. Please provide citations. Please see the attached. I have tried to download a briefing case, but the file was to big. I will try to provide the name or a copy of… Continue reading SEE ATTACHED