Technology Impact on Global Projects and PMs

Effective global project managers must be competent and nimble to change with the ever changing times. -What are some of the technological advances in telecommunications and transportation that have impacted global business in the last 20 years? -How have these technological advances affected the role and responsibilities of the Global project manager? -What further technological… Continue reading Technology Impact on Global Projects and PMs

Milestone Three

You will be tasked with identifying the manufacturing requirements, product feasibility, production constraints, profitability, and overall risk associated with introduction of a new product. For this milestone, you will analyze Nike and offer guidance on how to address potential risk factors associated with the introduction of its new product and how to address the overall… Continue reading Milestone Three

Responding to conflict and Your Conflict Management Style

Part 1: Responding to conflict What is your initial (primal) response to a conflict situation, fight or flight? Why do you think that is the case? Consider past experiences with people, your character traits (particularly extraversion and agreeableness), and your culture. Consider how the response of your parents to conflict situations might have influenced how… Continue reading Responding to conflict and Your Conflict Management Style

Writer’s Choice

Submissions: A research paper will be submitted as your midterm exam in APA 7th edition style. Each student will be required to: Formatting Students will complete an individual research paper on one project management topic (see topics below). The research paper should be a minimum of 5 pages and not to exceed 10 pages (including… Continue reading Writer’s Choice

Project Execution, Control, and Closure Strategies

At this point, most communication issues have stabilized, and the execution process is producing deliverables. The sponsor, as well as the project team, are now focused on project performance and closure. Instructions Write a 2–3 page paper in which you address the following: Now that the project is in the execution process, summarize your project… Continue reading Project Execution, Control, and Closure Strategies

Project Performance Measurement and Closure

With the communication issues stabilized, the focus turns to project performance measurement and closure. Chapter 13 presents a discussion on metrics used to assess project performance. Three commonly used metrics are schedule variance (SV), cost variance (CV), and cost performance index (CPI). The sponsor is not familiar with how these metrics work and has asked… Continue reading Project Performance Measurement and Closure

Writer’s Choice

Use the excel chart provided and present it in a Microsoft Word document. You can make up a project (any explanation or rationale) to describe the data. Present the chart in a persuasive format. Please refer to the examples. This paper should include Appendices. Figures require figure numbers and captions. Figure captions should describe what… Continue reading Writer’s Choice

Benchmark – Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study (Part 6)

Assessment Descriiption The purpose of this Case Study assignment is to walk through the logical framework (LogFrame) and to create the project management documents needed to successfully lead a project and to finish answering the question How do we get there? General Requirements: Reread the Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study in Heldman et al. pages… Continue reading Benchmark – Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study (Part 6)

Graphic Organizer

Create a graphic organizer that presents different types of production systems and their uses and purposes when considering risks. Your graphic organizer should be related to the type of organization selected for your final project (for example, service or manufacturing). Include the risks involved for internal and external stakeholders within the organization that you selected.… Continue reading Graphic Organizer

Stakeholder Analysis

Using the Stakeholder Analysis Template attached, to completed analysis I INCLUDE MY PROPOSAL , USE THIS INFORAMTION