Written Case Study Assignment

WRITTEN CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW Employee compensation is one of the largest expenses a company has. It is important that compensation is well-designed and effective. Here you will read about how two different companies connect their total rewards to their organization values and goals. One of the companies will be selected for your paper.… Continue reading Written Case Study Assignment

HRM Challenges of Telework Essay

Success as a human resource manager (HRM) relies on the ability to change with the organizational culture for duties and expectations. However, success in this position also requires knowledge of the legal framework for human resource management, recognition of employment practices that raise legal concerns, and executing direction and proposals of organizational approaches to employee… Continue reading HRM Challenges of Telework Essay

The types of workplace violence and their impact

Reply to the below discussion in approximately 250 words also using a bible passage that would relate to the reply. Cite all work. Blake Barker Sep 5, 2022Sep 5 at 10:02pm Criminal intent is a certain type of workplace violence that the offender has no genuine relationship with the organization or business. The offender could… Continue reading The types of workplace violence and their impact


This is an essay assignment that requires in depth answers to four questions. I’ve attached the assignment instructions and two chapters that can be used to retrieve information from.

Workforce Diversity

Answer the six discussion questions on the last page of the attached PDF. Page 9. Be sure to incorporate as many concepts from the assigned reading in your responses as are appropriate. I am looking for your understanding of the reading materials in the assignments. It is not a matter of my agreeing or disagreeing… Continue reading Workforce Diversity

ADA Situations

ADA Situations 1) Joan Smith worked for the State of Illinois as a Corrections Officer. This position listed lifting a minimum of 30 pounds as an essential function of the job. Joan was in a non-work related accident and as a result, was no longer able to meet the lifting requirement due to a back… Continue reading ADA Situations

PM 4 (Essay Outline)

Provide an outline of the sections you will include in your recruitment strategy for the final Portfolio Project. Under each section, please provide two to three sentences, including scholarly references, regarding what will be discussed. I have attached the essay for reference.