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Reflect on a time where you interacted professionally with a person from a different culture and the communication did not go as desired.. Describe the occurrence leading up to the interaction. Explain the contributing factors that lead to the miscommunication (such as different cultural communication styles, beliefs, traditions, word meanings, values, etc..). Identify two changes… Continue reading Read instructions/prompt

Values of the Dominant Culture in the U.S.

Arguably, any value taken to an absolute extreme is likely to be logically absurd. Please examine the values of the dominant culture in the U.S. Identify and interpret one of the following values of your choice: Individualism, Equal Opportunity, Progress and Change, Work and Play, or Competitive Nature. Writing 275 words or more, 1. Identify… Continue reading Values of the Dominant Culture in the U.S.

Hofstede’s Value Dimensions

Cultural values may be used as a roadmap for behavior. Examine one of Hofstede’s Value Dimensions by comparing and contrasting the two contributing topics. Choose one of the following topics: 1. Individualism/Collectivism. 2. High/Low Uncertainty Avoidance. 3. High/Low Power Distance. 4. Masculinity/Femininity. 5. Long/Short-term Orientation. Your assignment: Provide an in-depth comparison of the value dimension… Continue reading Hofstede’s Value Dimensions

What is globalization?

What is globalization? How is it related to sustainability?” This is a time to explore your thoughts from Connect it to a reading or other outside source in a few paragraph. Feel free to give specific details and personal experiences to support your statements, and when using readings or other outside sources, do cite the… Continue reading What is globalization?