Exploring Criminal Justice Data Sources

Explore the following criminal justice data sources: https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=dca https://crime-data-explorer.fr.cloud.gov/ https://www.supremecourt.gov/ https://www.ussc.gov/ https://www.bop.gov/resources/research_and_reports.jsp Find and share a published study, infographic, or other document that contains statistical data that you find interesting. Why does this information interest you? How do you see this information being relevant in your current or future career? What are any limitations or… Continue reading Exploring Criminal Justice Data Sources

Discussion Thread: Research and Policy Development

Writer order request: Discussion Thread: Research and Policy Development This discussison is for a Master’s Course Please see attached instructions for the discussion board. Required 250 words, answering the below questions, WITH a Christian worldview. APA 7 format, do not use the first person, and please write from an unbiased political opinion. Need two (2)… Continue reading Discussion Thread: Research and Policy Development

Peer Review

There are three levels of peer review as discussed in the following. Know which one you are supposed to be doing as the questions you ask of the author and yourself differ depending on the purpose. For our purposes you will be first two levels. Comment: You read it to make sure there are no… Continue reading Peer Review

Case Study Week 5

In chapter 1, we discussed the Evidence Based Practices. Assume you are a staff member who works for a state legislator and you have been assigned to examine organizations and interest groups affiliated with community-based corrections such as the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA). Prepare a report to give to legislatures as to why… Continue reading Case Study Week 5

History and development

paper will be on a criminal justice issue ( your choice). Focus on two items. History and development of the policy and goals of the policy. This paper should be no more than 3 pages.

Visually Displaying Data Results

In this week’s Discussion, you determined the benefits of visually displaying your data. You also learned that different types of data require different visual displays to adequately “tell the story” of the phenomena. Although the Discussion was difficult, what is even more difficult and challenging will be deciding on how best to display the data… Continue reading Visually Displaying Data Results

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Can you think of modern examples of violations of enlightenment philosophy in criminal justice systems, or in society in general? Can you define and explain the differences between general and specific deterrence? Give examples of each. Do you think the deterrence model should have been brought back or left alone? Why? Or why not? Which… Continue reading read instructions. thank you

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What types of evidence may the prosecution and defense introduce at the preliminary hearing? What is the standard of proof at the preliminary hearing? (Your papers must be single spaced, using a Verdana or a similar font. Font size should be no greater than a twelve (12) font. Margins and headers are to be no… Continue reading read instructions. thank you