Writer’s Choice

view the following short TED talk (9 minutes) on leadership and respond with your general thoughts on the three questions / areas that are identified at the end of this video. For this first short week #1, one page is sufficient.

Assignment 10

imagine you are responsible for training police officers regarding the use of data for intelligence-led policing. In this training, you need to communicate at least five ways using data for intelligence-led policing could potentially lead to better or improved policing. Write down these five things and at least three challenges you believe you may encounter… Continue reading Assignment 10

Assignment 9

Write down at least five different research questions that crime mapping can answer. Then, find an article that used crime mapping. Describe how GIS offered new and different information compared with the other criminological research articles reviewed from previous chapter exercises.

Terrorist’s Tools

Reaction Paper must be in full APA style and format and be no less than 800 words (excluding the separate cover, abstract, and reference pages). The paper must include a cover/title page, a separate abstract page with keywords, in-text citations, properly placed page numbers, running heads, and a separate reference page identifying all sources. The… Continue reading Terrorist’s Tools

conflict of interest in recovering evidence from a scene

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™. Instructions Answer the following questions in detail: Describe a scenario in which a crime scene investigator may have a conflict of interest in recovering evidence from a scene. Discuss options for the investigator in handling the conflict of interest (besides removing themselves from the scene). Identify a crime… Continue reading conflict of interest in recovering evidence from a scene

Writer’s Choice

Please watch: https://youtu.be/t0GKC75TwF8 You can also read about Alyssa here: https://murderpedia.org/female.B/b/bustamante-alyssa.htm In your opinion, discuss why you think Alyssa did the crime. What are some underlying issues in Alyssa’s life that may have contributed to her behavior? According to one of the theories in chapter 3, what can be used to Alyssa’s criminal behavior? Discuss… Continue reading Writer’s Choice

Community Corrections: Diversion and Probation

Question1 220 words- As drug offenses continue to increase, and some believe that addiction is a medical issue that the United States chooses to punish, should drug offenders have more chances before probation is revoked? Why or why not? Give a relative example! Question 2: How would one develop the attributes described as needed to… Continue reading Community Corrections: Diversion and Probation

Critical Infrastructure Protection

How has the federal government responded to possible terrorist attacks (mitigation) where civil liberties have not been endangered? Considering that so much of the nation’s critical infrastructure is privately owned, how has the government regulated possible civil liberties issues related to private sector employers/employees? Can balanced policy be implemented regarding critical infrastructure without eroding privacy,… Continue reading Critical Infrastructure Protection

Classical Criminology

Please read the supporting documents and do an essay on topic 1, which is classicism. i have attached what is needed + requirements, please follow. Please also use proper referencing as i have also added a document about that too.