Assignment: Policy Quick Guide: Poverty

  In practice, social workers engage with many programs drawn from federal polices to serve their clients. Those policies then have state or local variations that affect program delivery  Refer to the Policy Research Starter in the Learning Resources. These resources provide a start for finding information on the policies for this Quick Guide. However, you… Continue reading Assignment: Policy Quick Guide: Poverty

Social issue work

   You will write a Social Issues Homework for this class and develop the work over the course of the semester. (Taken from The Sociology Students Writing Manual 6ed, (Johnson, Rettig, Scott & Garrison, 2010). The purpose of this issue reaction work is to develop and sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills. Your objective… Continue reading Social issue work

pub fl

  1)  Did you agree or disagree with the main premise of the film about gender norms for masculinity?  Explain and support your position 2)  In terms of aesthetics or treatment, what did the film do particularly well?  What did it poorly on this score? 3)  What did you learn from the film that you… Continue reading pub fl

hm pub

Answer the following question using concepts and lessons from class.  The use of outside scholarly resources (articles, books, etc) for this assignment will be necessary.  The recommended length is 500 words.  Keep use of the first-person voice to a minimum.   Use APA style for all citations and Works cited  1) Find the poverty rate in… Continue reading hm pub

Technology for Care How technology benefits patient care?  What happens when technology is absent?  Does technology increase the cost of care?  Does technology increase the quality of care? We often hear that Canada offers healthcare to almost all of its citizens and the citizens never have to pay when they seek preventive care.  This is… Continue reading Technology for Care


After reading about the Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation movements, you should have a solid understanding of women’s and African Americans’ critiques of the “American Dream” in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as the context of the Cold War that helped launch both movements. For this thread, I’d like you to choose either women’s… Continue reading 2


1950s post-war life.   Some people see it as the epitome as the American Dream (e.g., the availability of jobs, new suburban housing, and an overall feeling of national prosperity), while others critique it for promoting rigid gender roles, mindless consumption, deepening racial divides and limiting economic opportunities for minorities. Either way, May’s historical analysis shows… Continue reading topic

week 2

For this particular thread,   please locate and post an advertisement that you think lends itself to a discussion/analysis of the ways in which women’s (and other) bodies are enlisted to promote the beauty ideal and corporate capitalism, consumption, etc.  Briefly tell us where you found the ad and who you think is its target… Continue reading week 2


1. Religion has had its ups and downs. Now that social media outlets have become more popular, people have more to say. Things like stereotyping, bias, racial profiling, are talked about in social media outlets for reasons like spreading awareness, support, or even bullying and racism. Media in general, have always used their platform to… Continue reading Responses7.2