Assignment # 8 for Philosophy Course

Short-Answer Questions 1. (1 pt.) What is your experience with coercive power– either as someone exerting this power or receiving this power? I’m particularly interested in hearing about what our author calls “implicit ad baculums” that can occur through subtle non-verbal cues (p.143). Why are these detrimental to critical thinking? What are ways in which you… Continue reading Assignment # 8 for Philosophy Course

Assignment # 7 for Philosophy Course

Short-Answer Questions 1. (1 pt.) Explain in your own words why we need to refer to authorities to provide justifications for our beliefs. What are two problems that we may encounter when trying to justify our beliefs by referring to others.  2. (2 pts.) The following argument, drawn from our textbook, is a type of ad hominem argument. Put it… Continue reading Assignment # 7 for Philosophy Course

business ethics assignment 5

On page 6-9, about two different cases in which the bakers (Jack Philips of Masterpiece Bakery and Marjorie Silva of Azucar Bakery), Corvino argues that one made use-based refusal while the other made design-based refusal. With your own words, explain the differences Corvino makes between two cases; then briefly explain whether you agree with him… Continue reading business ethics assignment 5

Class discussions

 400 words  In the Ancient Greek world (the world of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, often regarded as the birthplace of philosophy) a symposium was a banquet held after a meal, an after party of sorts that usually included drinking, dancing, recitals, and engaging conversations on the topics of the day. For our purposes in this… Continue reading Class discussions

week 4 in-class activity

read the course files first before attempting the questions   Q1. Describe one or two advertisements that you recently saw/heard. (100 words) Q2. Do you think that the ad(s) was manipulative? Why or why not?  (100 words)  4-3 in-class activity Q1. Do you agree with Susser, Roessler, and Nissenbaum that online manipulation is harmful, regardless of… Continue reading week 4 in-class activity


In this excerpt they debate Singers utilitarian philosophy which allows for Euthanizing children with severe disability.  How do you feel about this decision? Which theory learned in class back you up in your position? Apply three claims to back you up.

weekly assignment 4

  [On page 603-604, Maitland argues against the critics claim that international sweatshops widen the gap between the rich and the poor in the countries that host sweatshops. With your own words, explain Maitlands argument; then briefly explain whether or not you agree with him, and why.]

Assignment # 3 for Philosophy Course

Short-Answer Questions make it brief 1. (1 pt.) Explain in your own words why you think you should exercise the “principle of charity” when interpreting the arguments of others? Relate it to your personal values. That is, how would exercising the “principle of charity” help you become a better person by your standards? 2. (1 pt.) Reconstruct the following… Continue reading Assignment # 3 for Philosophy Course