Help Me!

  Activity: Capital Budgeting PracticeComplete the following and submit it in a Word document. Be sure to show your process and calculations: Assume you have just retired as the CEO of a successful company. A major publisher has offered you a book deal. The publisher will pay you $1 million up front if you agree to… Continue reading Help Me!

Math Discussion 8

  Discussion Prompt: Demonstrate and explain with words how to find the solutions of a quadratic equation using the Quadratic Formula. Create a new quadratic equation for your classmates to solve.

Project Summary

a) You will have a Title page that mentions the subject and what it’s about. Be creative with your title. b) The Table of Contents will list: Introduction, the hypothesis test, Conclusion, Appendix Note: Since you are using Excel, you will be putting a screenshot of your Excel work in the Appendix. You will also… Continue reading Project Summary

Domain and range of a linear function that models a real world situation

A construction crew is lengthening a road. Let L be the total length of the road (in miles). Let D be the number of days the crew has worked. Suppose that L=2D + 400 gives L as a function of D. The crew can work for at most 90 days.Identify the correct description of the… Continue reading Domain and range of a linear function that models a real world situation

math 10Q fast help (partial diff questions)

I NEED VERY FAST HELP IN 10 QUESTIONS IN PARTIAL MATHS ON 11TH MAY , ARIZONA TIME 10 AM . I WILL ONLY HAVE 1 HR TO SOLVE 10Q.  please only top math experts message me and i will fix the deal  i will pay $6 each question  here are sample questions attached 

math DB

  Post your response to the following: No doubt many students find mathematics a difficult subject.  Despite that there is no question that Mathematics along with English is one of the main foundations for any discipline.   Applications of mathematics are everywhere and naturally as a mathematician, I tend to think that mathematics is fun and… Continue reading math DB


ARK Encounter 7th & 8th grade – mathematically You have been tasked with finding the cost of replacing all the exterior boards on the ark and waterproofing the outside of it. The replacement boards will be sixteen feet long and ten inches wide. The boards will have no spacing between them. The boards will be… Continue reading Help