Discussion Response

Hello everyone, I think it is relatively safe to say that the fall of Camelot and the death of King Arthur was not by ones or two persons doing. The nights of the round table are having issues with accepting King Arthur for forgiving Sir Lancelot. Some won’t stand for it, while others will not… Continue reading Discussion Response

Respond 5

C. Lo   The Timeless Themes of Shakespeare             What makes a story a story? Is it the desire to enter a different space along with following an interesting character, or is it the different settings that a character may go through? It is both these things and none of these things for without themes… Continue reading Respond 5

Fiction literature

How do Peynados ideas in her story Is Fabulism the New Sincerity reflect what is going on The Touches and/or Room for Rent? How are the ideas of replay (familiar) and in-play (unfamiliar, unexpected) at work in The Touches and/or Room for Rent?   Room for Rent by Richie Narvaez The Touches By by Brenda… Continue reading Fiction literature

Discuss 2-1

Discuss the impact of the two types of methodologies on the study. In your opinion, why did the researchers choose to use both qualitative and quantitative research? What are the benefits of using both? What are the drawbacks of using both? Explain your reasoning.

hiring process of Student Activities Coordinator

For this assignment, you will compose a draft introduction to your final project research proposal based on one of the research topic ideas you shared in the Module One discussion. The introduction must include an overview of the research topic and problem statement. Then you will describe the purpose of the study and develop a… Continue reading hiring process of Student Activities Coordinator

Photography Discussion 1

The impact the daguerreotype had on the middle class cannot be overstated.  Before the nineteenth century only the wealthy had the means to commemorate their likeness.  The daguerreotype was the great equalizer.  For the first time, everyday people could now make their own visual history.  In our age of smart phones, social media and selfies,… Continue reading Photography Discussion 1