M5 assignment

 M5 Written AssignmentThis assignment should be between 2 and 4 pages, and should be the product of careful thought and more than one draft. Please remember that when providing an answer to the specific questions posed, it is not enough to give the correct answer unless you back up that answer with a legal argument… Continue reading M5 assignment

Explain and discuss any one or some of the following

 Explain and discuss any one or some of the following: how you would handle documentation of another officer that was being overly aggressive resulting in an internal affairs investigation.  How different would the documentation (and your liability) be if you stepped in and stopped it versus looking the other way?  How do you think a… Continue reading Explain and discuss any one or some of the following

hospital compliance department

You work in a hospital compliance department. A patient who was recently discharged from the hospital comes into the office to report that he believes his health information was disclosed without his authorization to his employer. Assume that he was not hospitalized for a work-related injury. What options can you offer to him for making… Continue reading hospital compliance department

Discussion Forum: Psychosocial Theories Presentation /NO PLAGARISM PROFESSOR USES TURNITIN

For this forum, we examine personality theories with special emphasis on Freud and Neo-Freudian perspectives and the evolution of models.  Please consider how personality and criminal behavior intersect.  What can we learn from theories of personality and the integration of personality and other theoretical perspectives that can be applied in the field as police, corrections,… Continue reading Discussion Forum: Psychosocial Theories Presentation /NO PLAGARISM PROFESSOR USES TURNITIN

Discussion Forum: Evolutionary Psychology /NO PLAGARISM PROFESSOR USES TURNITIN

 Find a recent article/study related to evolutionary psychology.  Provide a brief summation highlighting the findings or conclusions.  Do you agree with the author?  Why or why not?  Modern theories espouse a much “softer” determinism than traditional Lombrosian philosophy.  How much “choice” is afforded in modern evolutionary psychology perspectives? Submit the main post, with a heading.… Continue reading Discussion Forum: Evolutionary Psychology /NO PLAGARISM PROFESSOR USES TURNITIN


  For this final assignment you will address two distinct topics as a single research paper.  Provide an evaluation of the impact of the internet and social media has had on homegrown extremism in North America. In particular, address the impact on recruitment and radicalization of extremists. Conduct an analysis of current efforts to counter… Continue reading PAPER FINAL


***ANSWER EACH POST 250 WORDS MIN***  1) What is the nature of the threat and what are you thoughts about the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism?    2 Describe the three thrusts or main points for CVE described in the article by Hadra (2016) titled a how-to on countering violent extremism when it comes to… Continue reading w8 POST AND REPLY

Health policy project 2

Overview Imagine that you are a legislative consultant hired to assess the influence of stakeholders and interest groups on a health policy issue. Your supervisor has asked that you present your assessment findings to the senior leadership of your organization to inform their decisions on how best to approach their intended organization-wide position statement regarding… Continue reading Health policy project 2

Hospital comparison

Prompt To complete this assignment, you will submit an analysis report that includes the comparative analysis of two chosen hospitals. In this assignment, you will choose two acute care hospitals from your state and conduct a comparative analysis. Use module resources to understand how to conduct the comparative analysis on selected hospitals. You will use… Continue reading Hospital comparison


Directions Present a famous court case, either in real life or fictional; how has the media’s portrayal of the case affected the court system in the United States? What role do you think the media should have in the courts? Include your word count.Make sure you include citations and references. Make sure you cite your… Continue reading WEEK 2 CJ CHAT