,   Using The Case for Reparations, by Ta-Nehisi Coats as a case study, identify at least ten concepts and/or ideas covered, regarding (1) the experiences of African Americans in the south, (2) how their lives were affected by Jim Crow, (3) what pushed and pulled them to leave the south and (4)… Continue reading History

discussion week 4

1. Find information online:  Maya Lin? Why is she so important to the APIDA/ASAM community? 2. Find information online: Who is Grace Lee Boggs? Why is she so important to the APIDA/ASAM community? 3. Find an activist or organization who are changing lives of Asian American Women. Please include link


  The Color of Law What is de jure? What is de facto? For whom was public housing originally created? Speak about the current use of public housing in terms of de jure segregation vs de facto segregation. After WWII, what impact did the real estate industry (lobby) have on public housing? How has that… Continue reading History


  How did the Congress of Vienna in 1815 contribute to the European nationalist movements of the 1840’s?  MLA format, with in-text citations or footnotes. You also need a cover page and a reference page.  


  Look up the myth or misconception below concerning the “Vanishing Indian” and explain in your speech why you think the myth rather than the reality has been immortalized in the American consciousness. (A great place to start: )  (short description of the author’s book, The Vanishing American) In your speech, demonstrate the breadth of knowledge you… Continue reading Homework


  Isabel Wilkerson equates the Great Migration with other vast movements of refugees from war or famine, where people must go great distances to reach safety with the hope that life will be better wherever they land. Talk about migration due to necessity in terms of Ida Mae, George and Robert. Why did each decide to migrate? How do their stories differ? How were they… Continue reading History

compare and contrast black lives matter and Grimke sisters

Use references from sources utilized in this class whenever feasible to support your claims. Your post should show that you read, thought about, and connected the readings and videos to your own experiences and thoughts.  The major goal of your work is to compare and contrast abolition “then,” which refers to the efforts to abolish… Continue reading compare and contrast black lives matter and Grimke sisters

FAS 202 Final Project

Read the attached guidlines and rubric for instructions. The comparitive art analysis is going to be about “The two Fridas” by Frida Kahlo and “Self-potrait” by Judith Leyester. You will compare those two works with eacother and then comparing them to the modern world “selfie” 


  In 1976, the mutilated body of Anna  Mae Aquash,  an American Indian Activist,  was found on a South Dakota Ranch.  It will take more than 25 years before her killer will be discovered.  Anna Mae’s murder will make national news because of her involvement in the Indian Civil Rights Movement. Her goal was to… Continue reading Homework