Citing specific evidence from Gilgamesh (not from the textbook), explain the role(s) of kingship in ancient Sumerian society. In other words, one might ask, what were the duties of the king, or what was a Sumerian king expected to do, or what were some of the characteristics of kingship in Ancient Mesopotamia?

Western culture

 This assignment provides you with an opportunity to practice prioritizing and using specific data to support your choice. Your example may touch on several of the above categories at once, but there should be at minimum three separate examples for which their connection to your choice is explained. 


How does an ISM relate to history and how does the art produced demonstrate the changes in culture through aesthetics? CHOOSE ONE ISM IN THE MODERN TO CONTEMPORARY TIMELINE TO WRITE ABOUT AND ONE ARTIST OF THAT ISM COVERED IN CLASS

Tolstoy and Ibsen

You have just read Leo Tolstoy’s novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Henrik Ibsen’s play “Hedda Gabler”. Write a five (5-7 sentence) paragraph response in which you discuss which author was more effective in using death as a narrative device to convey themes.

Hedda Gabler

Do you believe that Tolstoy (the author) used Ivan’s death or Ivan’s life as the primary narrative tool to present the theme of the text? Be sure to give specific examples to support your ideas. Three Paragraphs