Engineering Ethics

  You are a team leader for the Grantham Inc., a consulting firm for security solutions.  Your team is working on a project that involves a governmental project at a nuclear power plant.  The information is extremely sensitive, and involves following many regulations.  This is giving your team a negative disposition. You found out that… Continue reading Engineering Ethics

Project Report

Project Status Report Template.  Each group will prepare a project status report template.  The templates will be evaluated against several criteria, including: General information does the status report provide general information about the project, who prepared the report, the start and end dates of the project, and the reporting period for the status report. Overall… Continue reading Project Report

Discussion 3

Directions: A) Read the attached case study and complete the questions below using one (1) of the presentation methods below: 2-3 pages  summary (on word document) (Response to all of the initial discussion board questions below) Create a thread and or reply in thread box (Response to all of the initial discussion board questions below) Power Point presentation or… Continue reading Discussion 3

Engineering Ethics

write one-to-two-page paper (not including title page or references, submit as a Word document).  Use Times New Roman or Calibri, font size 12, one-inch margins, double-spaced.  Dont forget to cite inside the paper.  Be sure to include references at the end.   Philosophers and ethicists distinguish between the descriptive (what we can do) and the… Continue reading Engineering Ethics

Pleases respond (TOS)

  Please respond to the following:  Recently, a U.S. Circuit Court upheld the enforceability of website terms of service (ToS), even though the user did not have to click through to agree. Read . Identify one positive and one negative implication of this finding. Explain which terms you believe are ethically appropriate for such agreements.… Continue reading Pleases respond (TOS)

Traffic Engineering and Management

After reviewing chapters 8, 9, 12, and 13 in your assigned text exploring traffic network elements, write a 3-5 page paper regarding how traffic network elements can affect logistics and supply chain operations and the ability for efficiently moving product to support the economy. Within the paper, you are to select a specific region, city, or… Continue reading Traffic Engineering and Management

Involvement of Law enforcement in Organization

 When law enforcement becomes involved, the need may arise to freeze systems as part of the evidence. There is also the likelihood that the incident will become known publicly. Do you think these issues play a significant part in the decision to involve law enforcement? Why or why not? Can you name some situations in… Continue reading Involvement of Law enforcement in Organization