When the following molecular equation is balanced using the smallest possible integer coefficients, the values of these coefficients are: calcium carbonate (s) calcium oxide (s) + carbon dioxide (g) 

Scientific research project

  Research project about the scientific human impact on the Ozone layer like 4 slides in PowerPoint about it provide some pictures and chemical formula  scientific research presentation using PowerPoint that addresses the human impact on ozone layer . research focusing on the Chemistry aspects of the human impact of Ozone layer Also, provide References:… Continue reading Scientific research project

Does the Periodic Table need to be updated?

Use the checklist to write a 4-page research paper about the topic, on whether or not the periodic table needs to be updated or not.  Trouble in the periodic table | Feature | RSC Education


   Each question half-page one referance #1 Emergency room patients may increase at any time. Events, accidents, minor and major illnesses trigger ER visits. However, some patients visit emergency room because they do not have a primary care physician or what they believe is a bad pain, does not warrant a visit to the emergency… Continue reading tyr

Lesson (Biochemistry)

  Read pages 1-5 of the case study, Statins Stat! (see attached pdf below), and answer the following questions. 1.       Why are high density lipoproteins (HDLs) considered the good cholesterol? In your answer explain specifically what HDLs do that cause it to be considered the good cholesterol. 2.       Why are low density lipoproteins (LDLs) considered… Continue reading Lesson (Biochemistry)


   1. Which enzyme-catalyzed reactions are shared between the gluconeogenesis and glycolysis pathways? (Note: just provide the name of the enzyme that catalyzes each of the shared reactions). 2. Why are some enzymes needed only in the gluconeogenesis pathway and not in the glycolysis pathway? 3. Which one of the following reactions only occurs during… Continue reading Chemistry


Group 2 The Alkaline Earth Metals The alkaline earth elements are in Group 2 of the Periodic Table.  In this experiment Be, Mg, Ca, Ba, and Sr will be studied.  All of the alkaline earth metals are M2+ cations (Mg2+, Ca2+, etc.) when they combine with nonmetals in ionic compounds and when they are in… Continue reading chemistry