o51  2 replies 150 words each Apa format scholarly reference for both   Student 1 reply  Given the technical information related to Test A and Test B, I would choose to use Test A. One characteristic of Test B that made it appealing was the increased length of the test. Sheperis, and Drummond (2020), state,… Continue reading 051

Week 1 Discussion: Scientific Method and Atomic Structure

Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 1 and 2 Weekly Concepts Initial Post Instructions The Discussions in this course are set up deepen your understanding of the material as you make real world connections and employ creative thinking. To get the most from these discussions, full engagement is expected on… Continue reading Week 1 Discussion: Scientific Method and Atomic Structure

Research Paper

 Summary: Your paper should be at least three (3) pages, double-spaced, in Arial or Times New Roman font (12 point), contain at least three (3) references, and cover the following topics: A brief description of how and when the disease was first identified (i.e., historical perspective). (20 points) What specific biological molecule (i.e., protein, nucleic… Continue reading Research Paper

chemistry lab: exp#1 measurement

READ : Expt #1: Measurements Lab Manual Background This experiment is designed to give you an opportunity to analyze gravimetric (mass) and volumetric (volume) data.  The data will be analyzed to discuss the precision and accuracy of laboratory glassware. The first part of this exercise involves the use of the top-loading (bench-top) analytical balance and… Continue reading chemistry lab: exp#1 measurement


Reasons for long wait times may include equipment issues, emergencies, patient and procedure volume. Doctors have an obligation to deliver quality of care to patients. Patients are more comfortable when they believe they are receiving personalized care. All reasons for long wait times. Patients and procedures drive providers pay. Hopefully, this outpatient clinic is operating… Continue reading tt