Outcome Measurements and Tools

 Read the following attachments: The Relationship Between Evidence-Based Practices and Emergency Department Managers Perceptions on Quality of Care for Self-Harm Patients   Practicing Healthcare Professionals Evidence-Based Practice Competencies: An Overview of Systematic Reviews Watch the following video:  Allied Health: Evidence-Based Practice (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5sU5H-IBSg) Measurements are part of process changes and quality improvements. However, measurements alone do… Continue reading Outcome Measurements and Tools

Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative

 Read the following attachments: *An Evaluation of Medicares Hospital Compare as a Decision-Making Tool for Patients and Hospitals. *U.S. Hospital Performance Methodologies: A Scoping Review to Identify Opportunities for Crossing the Quality Chasm Download U.S. Hospital Performance Methodologies: A Scoping Review to Identify Opportunities for Crossing the Quality Chasm *Impact of Teaching Intensity and Sociodemographic… Continue reading Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative

Airport Research Project

   For this week’s paper, you are going to describe your project airport’s security program and define its AOA, secure and sterile areas, and SIDA. The airport you will be researching is the BaltimoreWashington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. You may take one of the various approaches: Either contact your airport seeking the information you need… Continue reading Airport Research Project

Forecasting in Airline Strategic Planning and Management

Utilize the first part of the research papers which are located within the attachment section as background information about your created Airline. Assess the fundamental airline forecasting elements and the forecasting plan related to your mock airlines strategic planning and management with a focus on analysis, planning, and control. Identify data on route structure revenue,… Continue reading Forecasting in Airline Strategic Planning and Management

Writing Assignment

Prompt: Discuss the basic principles of jurisdiction from the text and from the landmark case of International Shoe Co. v. Washington, 326 U.S. 310 (1945). Please make sure to specifically discuss the concepts of fair play and substantial justice and minimum contacts from International Shoe.  Additionally, discuss the difference between personal jurisdiction and subject matter… Continue reading Writing Assignment

BUS 639 WK 5

  Consider what is socially responsible and ethically sound when implementing new technology into the organization. For example, Pros (benefits) to using artificial intelligence (AI): streamlining processes, and better and faster decision making. Cons to using AI: built in bias (e.g., facial recognition, gender bias) and hiring bias (e.g., gender, racial, ageism, disability, etc.). In… Continue reading BUS 639 WK 5