Insurance discussion

Please answer the following 3 questions and use the chapter reading attached as references. Please cite sources in APA format. 1. Why is it important to review existing policies before shopping for new coverage? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of insurance intermediaries from the perspective of a policyholder? 3. Why… Continue reading Insurance discussion

Course Project Part 3 (Week 8)

The Course Project Part 3  is the integration of all the sections, including the introduction, conclusion, and Sections A through K. Part 3 should be completely integrated and presented in a logical order, written professionally and free of spelling and grammar errors, and updated with any changes that occurred along the way, including corrections and… Continue reading Course Project Part 3 (Week 8)

Week 7 Research Paper

Introduction A research paper is a type of academic writing that provides an in-depth analysis, evaluation, or interpretation of a single topic, based on empirical evidence.  The objective of the research paper is to provide a comprehensive work that thoroughly demonstrates the authors understanding of the subject they researched. Every research paper is formulated around… Continue reading Week 7 Research Paper

Marketing Research Project

 This project is designed to expand your knowledge of the different CRM products and service providers available on the market today. You will use the CRM Exploration Project Template attached. The company you will research about is Oracle and the category of the company research is The Best Marketing Automation Software and Solutions.  The… Continue reading Marketing Research Project

Homework 420 w8

  For this assignment, you will explain how based on the idea that reputation is a belief in the mind of the beholder,  a firm may take the initiative to manage its reputation  online.  Instructions for Week 9: 300 Words  Cover page  Introduction  Main body  1 Cite 1 Reference

Course Project Part 2

Course Project Part 2  Cover page Table of contents Introduction Section E: Porter’s Generic Strategies Section F: Life Cycle Section G: Porters Diamond of National Advantage Section H: Entrepreneurial Strategy References Course Project Part 2 (Due Week 5) The Course Project Part 2 project is the integration of all the sections, including the introduction and… Continue reading Course Project Part 2

Assignment 1

  Competency In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Analyze quantitative and qualitative data to solve problems and make decisions that impact organizations and their stakeholders Scenario You have been asked to present your data findings and decision-making modeling to the leadership panel for feedback prior to the stakeholder meeting… Continue reading Assignment 1

Assigment 1

  To get started with this assignment, think about your academic and career goals. What motivates you to achieve your goals? How does your attitude help or hinder your achievement? Requirements First Paragraph What is your academic goal? Why is your academic goal important to you? Second Paragraph What is your career goal? Why is… Continue reading Assigment 1

Capital Budgeting and Structure

Instructions Instructions: Complete the following exercises in Microsoft Excel (preferred) using cell formulas. If the assignment is completed in Microsoft Word, provide explanations (100 words) to each of the answers along with any relevant calculations to receive credit. Your part in completing the assignment is to demonstrate an understanding and application of the concepts and… Continue reading Capital Budgeting and Structure

Ratio Analysis

For the company Walmart, find the annual report and the financial ratio information for the following ratios: debt-to-equity, current ratio, return on equity, quick ratio, working capital ratio, price earnings ratio, and earnings per share. Once you have reviewed the information, begin with a brief introduction to your chosen company(walmart). Next, explain how the company… Continue reading Ratio Analysis