interpersonal communication

  Assignment Details:  Create a 5 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation with audio. Add your own audio recordings to each slide.  Include a title slide (with your name and introduce the topic youll be sharing in the presentation).  Then include slides and describe a situation online where you witnessed trolling and flaming. What was the situation?… Continue reading interpersonal communication


Operations are composed of many different processes to fulfill customer needs and requirements. The value chain is a higher-level view of those processes from a customer view. In order to meet customer requirements like quality and cycle time, organizations need to identify the value chain, subprocesses and measures needed to meet the customer needs.    Consider… Continue reading Chain

week 8 discusion3

  How will you use the information in your future career development/job search? My project was exceptionally helpful in clarifying my career path development. Since my project was on accounting certifications, it clarified and solidified that I am on the right track with the accounting certification I am striving to earn. Additionally, there was much… Continue reading week 8 discusion3

week 8 discusion2

  There were several key takeaways from the video. Focusing on one or all of the four strength domains helps an individual uncover their benchmarks for career success. These domains are as follows: Executing, someone who has the ability to take charge and make things happen. Influencing, those individuals who help to influence others to… Continue reading week 8 discusion2

social diversity

  Discussion 2: Social Diversity in the Workplace No unread replies.No replies. As a consultant for Workplace Solutions Consulting, you meet with members of the software development organization to document the multi-generational issues that have been reportednamely that people are not getting along and working well together. During your meeting, you notice that the individuals… Continue reading social diversity

discussion #1 introduction

  Workplace Solutions Consulting LLC is a consulting company that helps organizations increase performance through workforce enhancement. You are a consultant for WSC and have been assigned to a project involving a large technology company, Informational Systems Inc. The company is considering some organizational changes in order to better respond to rapid changes in the… Continue reading discussion #1 introduction


1. Calculate working capital and current ratio Firm Q has short-term debt of $14,000, land of $85,000, merchandise inventory of $31,000, cash of $9,000, property, plant, and equipment of $330,000, accounts payable of $16,000, long-term debt of $60,000, accounts receivable of 17,000, common stock of $300,000, and retained earnings of $82,000. Required: Calculate Firm Qs… Continue reading BUS