300 words  Pick three important roles you play in your life: 1.parent 2. sister 3. student.  What are your top priorities for each role regarding the impact you want to make? Identify which quadrant in the Time Management Matrix they fit into. 

National gov 2

 Choose one of the first ten Amendments you want, and (2) describe what was the intention of the Framers behind it. (3) How it was incorporated and (4) implemented over time? (5) How and why does it matter today? (6) How it could be changed, procedurally?  


  Think about someone who you have a difficult time connecting with because of your differences.  create a plan for how to connect with them. Be specific and thorough. What are the obstacles? What will need to change? How could using empathy, warmth, respect, and genuineness help improve the situation? 150 words


150 words   What steps might you take to ensure the equitable use of group time for each member? What responsibility, if any, do you see yourself as having to draw out silent members or control monopolizing members? How would you take into consideration the diversity of values that likely exists in a culturally diverse… Continue reading L4D04


 This is a 2 phase discussion wherein you will make your first post having completed roughly half the videos and then a second post after completing the rest of the videos.  The halfway point in the video Series is the Ideation video course.  Your first post should discuss what concept, approach, or tool you found… Continue reading Linkedin

field report

Visit a location virtually Writing Assignment: Discuss the history of the locationWhen was it built/designedHow is the history of the site connected to its designWhile there is no page or word limit please fully describe the location. As I cannot visit these locations it is up to you to bring them to life for me!Decide… Continue reading field report


One of my favorite quotes is my Albert Einstein – “If you continue to get the wrong answers, perhaps you are asking the wrong questions.” In this vein, discuss the a prioriassumptions that underlay the notion of “assessment” (e.g. diagnosing, labeling, categorizing, etc.) How might “assessing” help, or potentially harm, person?  As a clinician, how… Continue reading Db3

Writing Assignment 3

Select one of the two topics below. Respond to the topic with a minimum of 400 words and no more than 500 words. Submit your answers in one document. 1. Discuss the importance of studying Shakespeare in the 21st C.2. Discuss the influence of ancient Greek tragedy on modern-day theater.Be sure to use complete sentences, proper grammar, and… Continue reading Writing Assignment 3