Introduction (1 page) Briefly explain and summarize the case. Be sure to include the specific patient factors that may impact your decision making when prescribing medication for this patient. Decision #1 (1 page) Which decision did you select? Why did you select this decision? Be specific and support your response with clinically relevant and… Continue reading HAMM

Discussion Topic Grant Proposal (RFP) Funder

Describe the funder for your grant proposal. include in the description the following details: -Type of funder -Government Agency, Private Foundation, Professional Organization -Mission/goal of the funder -Award amount -Funding period -URL Web address – link


Legislation is the process of creating a bill, sending the bill to committee, marking up a bill, and finally voting on the bill. This is not an easy process and many bills that are introduced never make it out of committee. Why do legislators not want safe staffing for nurses, or better mental healthcare, or… Continue reading Assignment


For your next research assignment, you are to identify a qualitative research article (ATTACHED)–not a summary or literature review, but a bona fide research study–that is in your field of study and read it.  After reading it, you will provide the following information about it in a summary that is at least 1 full page:… Continue reading PLAGIARISM FREE “A” WORK IN 12 HOURS or LESS

self assessment summary for a Physical Therapist Assistants

 Locate the APTA document: Minimum Require Skills of PTA Graduates at Entry-Level to perform a self-assessment.2. As you read the document, takes notes on the following topics: A. What skill(s) do you consider your strength(s) ? B. What skill(s) do you consider your weakness(es) ? C. What skill(s) will you need to move toward your… Continue reading self assessment summary for a Physical Therapist Assistants

Grand proposal project description

The submission should follow the instructions provided on the Grant Proposal (RFP), include the project goal(s), SMART objectives, and activity timelines chart. Section 2 – [2 – 3 pages]  Description of Proposed Research – (Including Method and Approach, Project Activity, Methodology and Outcomes) Now that you are established a need for your project, you have… Continue reading Grand proposal project description


200 words  Using the Time Management Matrix, think over the last week at your internship site and place tasks, meetings, responsibilities, etc. into the appropriate boxes in the matrix (and list them for us in this discussion post). In which quadrant are you spending most of your time? How can you make improvements?  


  You are to find and choose a research article to review on gender and/or sexuality and social services, social work, human services, mental health, etc.  Then you are to read and critique the article, in a least 750 words and in APA, format on the following: Identify the theories of gender development that are… Continue reading L6A62


300 words   Do you plan to have an open or closed group?  Will you have a time-limited group? Why or why not? Create a group announcement for your group. Do you plan to have a co-leader, if so, what role will they play and what credentials will they need?  If no, why not? What… Continue reading L5A04