NOTE: Submit the Initial Posting by the date noted in the Course Summary at the

NOTE: Submit the Initial Posting by the date noted in the Course Summary at the bottom of the Syllabus (Deadline is 11:59 pm). You will read and respond to other student postings by the date noted on the Course Summary. You will not be able to see your classmates’ posts until you have posted your post. You may subscribe to the discussion board so that you will receive a notification when new posts have been created.
Go to Chapter 5 in your textbook and find the problem BTN 5-1 – Ethics Challenge (Golf Challenge Corp) on p. 231
Follow the steps below to input your Initial Post and your reply posts in the Case Study – Ethics Challenge Discussion Board.
The initial posting must be substantial and between 200-400 words in length.
The replies must be substantial and between 50-150 words in length.
Submit your Initial Post:
Click on the Reply button at the bottom of this module.
Post your Initial Posting in the Message box.
Click Submit when done.
Reply to other students:
Read the answers posted by the other students and select at least two to reply to.
Select Reply at the bottom of the student’s posting.
Type “Response 1” at the top of your response message box and enter in your response below this. Click Submit when done.
Repeat the process for Response 2.
The following is an EXAMPLE of a case study scenario from an earlier edition of your text.
Case Study – BTN 13-3
Gianna Tuck is an accountant for Post Pharmaceuticals. Her duties include tracking research and development spending in the new product development division. Over the course of the past six months, Gianna notices that plenty of funds have been spent on a particular project for a new drug. She hears “through the grapevine” that the company is about to patent the drug and expects it to be a major advance in antibiotics. Gianna believes that this new drug will greatly improve company performance and will cause the company’s stock to increase in value. Gianna decides to purchase shares of Post in order to benefit from this expected increase.
What are Gianna’s ethical responsibilities, if any, with respect to the information she has learned through her duties as an accountant for Post Pharmaceuticals?
What are the implications to her planned purchase of Post shares?
NOTE: References are not required in your Initial Posting and Responses. However, if you use or quote facts, data, information, etc. from the research literature, published articles, etc. to support your statements and rationale, you must cite the sources of your references and follow APA Format.
The following are examples of an Initial Posting to the Case Study – BTN 13-3 and a reply to another student’s initial response.
Initial post to case study

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